Islamic (Partner) accounting and its comparison with international financial accounting standards (IFRS)

Accounting information systems are evolving along with modern information technology, which opens up countless opportunities to expand the intellectual, scientific and professional potential, contributing to the culture and "language" of accounting, professional principles extend beyond one country. However, differences in national and regional accounting systems still persist and reflect not only a diversity of accounting policy views but also deeper structural differences rooted in legal, financial and social systems. The Islamic (partner) accounting model appears to be the least studied and, at the same time, the most different from other accounting models. The economy of Islamic states is an important part of the world economy, so Islamic and other companies operating or investing in an Islamic institutional environment have a direct interest in proper disclosure of accounting information. The major goal of the research is to find similarities and differences between the IFRS and Islamic banking and to prove that it’s beneficial in the modern Islamic countries.

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